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Chocolate = Love....

For all of my chocoholic friends, I'm here to pass the word on about a new truffle maker, based in Oregan, who is starting up her truffle business.  She uses ganache centers, very flavor infused, and also offers homemade marshmallows. 

I ordered a box from her second pre-sale, called the 7 deadly sins plus One.  The plus one was a hazlenut/frangelica white chocolate ganache covered in milk chocolate.  My absolute favorite of her flavors so far is her Envy truffle.  Key lime and candied ginger in white chocolate ganache, covered with a thick layer of milk chocolate.  Her ganache is thick, creamy, and flavored excellently, while the chocolate coating is nice and thick, and has a really nice snap and mouthfill.   Her Sloth truffle is also to die for, with a peanut butter and rum ganache center.  I scarfed down the whole box of truffles in record time - and, they are not small.  They run about twice the size of a Godiva truffle.  Speaking of which, I was craving another Envy truffle so badly, that when I had finished her box off, I went to my local store that carries single Godiva truffles, and bought three of their key lime truffles, thinking that perhaps they would tide me over to her next sale.  They were in fact, sadly disappointing after hers.  The center was too runny, and the chocolate coating way too thin. 

She is now runnning her fourth pre-launch sale.  All of her pre-launch sales are for her to raise capital to launch her website, and to work out logistics.  Whatever the reason, I'm waiting on my box from her third sale, and I've already ordered from her fourth!!  

Her LiveJournal handle is coffeeinhell , her blog about the chocolates is found at, and may I suggest you order a box or 30?  If you don't like them, by all means send them on to me....but sadly, I don't think that will be the case!
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